We Need Death Panels

One of the handy pieces of information that the Republicans passed along to the American people when Congress was debating health care in 2008 was the “fact” that Obamacare* would create “Death Panels”.  The term implied that these would be appointed panels of bureaucrats that would decide if your Aunt Maybelle would live or die.

The truth was that Obamacare created no such thing.

But what if the Republicans were right?  Not right about what the Democrats did, but about what they should have done.  Maybe we do need death panels.

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Polar Bears in Antarctica?

This article is one of my meditations, where I first think and write about something from my own knowledge and point of view, and then research it and write some more….

One of the rites of passage of a child’s scientific learning is to understand that polar bears and penguins only meet in zoos and cartoons, never in the wild.  But what if it made sense to change that?

The polar bear’s habitat has been changing due to global warming, leaving the bears with less and less sea ice to use as a hunting platform.  With less ice, the bears have to swim great distances to find prey.  Increasingly, this has pushed them past their limits and many bears either starve or drown.

So I had the idea, why not move some polar bears to the Antarctic, where there’s still plenty of ice and there is a solid land mass that supports that ice as well as several species that could provide food?

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