A dry sense of humour

The British tend to dry their clothes by hanging them to air dry, either indoors or out.  Americans tend to use an electric or sometimes gas tumble dryer.  A British female friend says it’s because British women aren’t as fat and therefore can wear more Lycra, which doesn’t do well in the heat of a dryer.

I myself haven’t used a “clothes line” as we call it in the USA since I was at University living in a student house.  Ever since then, I’ve had access to a dryer.  But since moving to the UK and living in three different houses, I’ve never had access to a dryer.  I’ve been re-introduced to the good fresh smell of air dried clothes, and especially the smell of outdoor-dried clothes in the summer.

Funny that in such a damp country as this, people depend on the air to dry their clothes.  But as wet a country as it is, it’s still a more a practical one.  Even the solidly middle class here don’t use dryers.  They also have cars, refrigerators, and houses that are half the size of American ones.  Yet everything is as big as it needs to be.