John Boehner Re-Elected (Boo!)

You didn’t hear it here first, but I will admit defeat.  Boehner was re-elected, though by a razor-thin two vote margin.  There were several defections among the Republicans, mostly right-wingers who voted for someone more conservative, leaving Boehner with barely enough.

Many commentators think Boehner will need to move to the right in order to keep his right-wing support from eroding further, but I see hope in the fact that the fiscal cliff aversion bill passed at the last minute was approved in the House mostly by Democrats.  It allowed the right-wing not to vote for it while avoiding a public relations disaster for the Republican Party as a whole.

I will keep blogging about this issue, because a Speaker can be unseated mid-term, and a new Speaker elected.  Things could change if this Congress is unable to get needed legislation passed.

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