Foaming Soap Will Save the World

Well, maybe not quite.  But foaming soap uses less soap (it’s mostly air) and surprisingly, less water as well (as less soap means less rinsing needed.)  Much liquid soap is wasted as it slips off your hands and goes down the drain, or because you just squirted more than you needed.  Foaming soap gives you just enough suds and guarantees a ready-made lather.  Seems ideal, only thing is, there’s no such thing as foaming soap.

That’s right, there’s no such thing.  There are only foaming soap dispensers.  The dispenser is the trick, it mixes the liquid soap with about ten times as much air to make foam.  Of course, you do have to have the right liquid for the dispenser, but any liquid soap will do so long as you dilute it enough.  (As one web site says, the “The solution is to make a solution.”)  The foaming dispenser will get gummed up if the liquid is too thick (too viscous in scientific terms).  Usually diluting by a ratio in the range of 1 part soap to 1-3 parts water will work fine.  So feel free to refill your foaming soap dispenser with cheap regular liquid soap or even dish detergent/washing up liquid.  Just remember to dilute it, which makes it even cheaper!

And besides using less soap and less water and therefore less money, why is this good?  Because less soap going down the drain also means less soap polluting our rivers and oceans, as water treatment plants can’t really process the detergent and soap in water.  As you can imagine, fish don’t like drinking soapy water any more than you do.

So use foaming soap dispensers, save money, and save the earth!

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