Foaming at the Mouth

So given that foaming soap is the answer to saving water and soap, as well as reducing the burden on water treatment plants, what should be done?  Should we individually use foaming soap?  I think we should go further, requiring that all liquid soap dispensers sold should be foaming soap dispensers.

If this seems like a rabidly burdensome regulatory suggestion, I disagree.  Foaming soap valves are not high-tech, and they shouldn’t add more than a few pennies to the cost of a soap dispenser.  What’s more, by reducing the amount of soap used, they should actually save more money than they cost.

If it’s such a good idea, why is foaming soap still the exception instead of the rule in the liquid soap marketplace?  I wish I knew.  But this is an example of where regulation can correct a market oversight.

In order to preserve choice, we could put an environmental tax on non-foaming soap dispensers, so that people who want them can still get them.  But the tax should be a couple pounds or dollars, to make the incentive a strong one.

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